Medical Spa Marketing and Advertising

Medical spa marketing is about taking a proactive approach to patient acquisition with expert medical spa marketing services. We’ll help you open the faucet of new patient appointment bookings so you can serve more patients and grow your practice. We know what works, what doesn’t, and which med spa marketing strategies deliver the best results when it comes to driving patients through your door.

Expert Digital Marketing & Advertising Services for Med Spa Practices

Our med spa marketing services at Intrepy are designed, tested, and proven to make it easy for aesthetics practitioners to scale their marketing efforts and increase appointment booking. Our programs are easy to onboard and give our physicians the ability to get back to focusing on patient care.


Our med spa SEO, paid advertising, and social media programs are designed to book more cash-pay patients for your targeted procedures and machines.


Medical spa marketing services built to convert new patients into book appointments and cross-sell those patients to purchase other high-revenue, complementary services once they are through the doors.


Existing patients are the lowest-hanging fruit. Our marketing services for medical spas keep you engaged and build long-term relationships with your patients.

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Med Spa Website Design

Your med spa website is the starting foundation for all digital marketing and influences the patient experience for your practice. An outdated, non-responsive website can be detrimental to marketing efforts. Our award-winning medical website design is developed with local medical SEO, and call to action structures perfect for booking new patients and increasing practice revenue. From laser procedures and weightloss to injectables your website will improve performance, rank better, and convert higher.

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Med Spa Advertising Services

Medspa advertising has become a highly targeted, effective way to reach new patients in your geographical area for specific conditions or treatments your medical spa offers. We take an omnichannel approach to medical spa advertising which means we utilize more than one ad platform to enable us to target the right patient, with the right messaging in the right geographical place.

Med Spa Advertising Platforms:
Instagram Ads
Geofencing Ads
Programmatic Ads
Display Ads
Youtube Ads
LinkedIn Ads

SEO for Medical Spa Services

Half of the website traffic from all searches goes straight to the three results at the top. The first search result takes up to a whopping 95% of that traffic! That means it is critical that you rank #1 for the conditions and treatments you offer. To do that you need to implement a research-backed medical SEO program to improve your local search rankings. Our local SEO for med spa services are designed to address each of the most important components of search ranking factors that we can control.

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Med Spa Social Media Marketing

Social media for med spas have become a non-negotiable to compete in local markets. Patients want to be able to see what makes your spa unique and compare outcomes to patients of similar age, skin type, and anti-aging goals. Content is king when it comes to engaging social media accounts that actually drive new patients. We provide end-to-end social media management and content creation solutions including graphic design, engagement and follower growth, video content development and much more.

Video Content Creation for Med Spas

CaptureMD is a platform developed by the Intrepy team to provide medical spas an easy solution to create social media-ready video content in minutes. No editing or studio time is required. Film demos, provider FAQ videos, How-tos, and patient testimonials in a matter of clicks.

Marketing Growth Dashboards

How frustrating can it be to not have access to your marketing data or feel like you do not even really know what is and isn’t working? Well we believe in transparency and keep you in the loop as physicians and administrators. That is why every one of our med spa marketing agency clients gets access to marketing analytics dashboards they know what is going on at all times.

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Medical Spa Marketing Strategy FAQs

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Medical Spa Marketing Strategy FAQs

What is Medical Spa Marketing?

Medical spa marketing is a marketing strategy and program developed specifically for a medical spa to reach and retain patients via SEO, paid ads, reputation management, social media and more.

Medical Spa Marketing Strategy - What is Involved?

Developing an effective medical spa marketing strategy involves planning, execution, tracking, and optimization. There are many components involved in a comprehensive med spa marketing program.

At our medical spa marketing agency, we have spent nearly 10 years marketing medical spas and optimizing our programs to maximize ROI and generate new patients for the procedures and treatments you offer.

Our medical spa marketing includes:

  • Localized SEO so you rank at the top of searches for your most profitable procedures
  • Paid Advertising – we leverage a blend of multiple advertising platforms and mediums to create a funnel that hits patients no matter where they are in the appointment booking process or funnel
  • Reputation management – generating new reviews is not only an important local SEO ranking factor but it is critical to increasing your patient base for your medical spa. 80% or more of patients read reviews from other patients before booking with your medical spa. Make sure your reputation sets you apart from the competition.
  • Content marketing is a critical component of a med spa marketing strategy to increase on-page SEO rankings for your website. Our team of expert medical spa content writers has years of experience creating engaging content that ranks at the top of search results.
Medical Spa Advertising Techniques

Medical spa advertising takes a creative, experienced approach to know which ad platforms, call to action, graphics, and copy resonate and convert your ideal patient.

Our medical spa advertising agency utilizes a blend of Google Ads, social media ads, remarketing, video ads, and more to make sure we are reaching the right type of patient for our medical spa marketing clients.

We take our client’s marketing programs to the next level by implementing marketing automation via a HIPAA-compliant CRM to put potential patient leads into email automation programs that increase the overall ROI of the med spa marketing campaigns.

    Getting Started with Medical Spa Content Marketing

    Developing an excess of information helps in establishing your Med Spa as experts on spa treatments. Customers are eager to spend more money if they believe you are the industry leader.

    In addition to reducing the need to pay for cost-per-click advertisements over time, a massive library of material will lessen the requirement for everlasting content. Our long-term growth strategy includes content marketing for med spas during the Attract and Convert phases. Our content strategy at Intrepy has multiple approaches across Google, Social Media and your Website.

      Medical Spa Marketing Software - Which is Right for Your Practice?

      There are a wide variety of marketing software out there for Medical Spas to generate more revenue, faster. It can be difficult to decide which software are best for your practice. Depending on your unique goals, we here at Intrepy can help you discover ways to take your Medical Spa marketing options to the next level.

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