Marketing for Private Equity Partners

We partner with healthcare-focused private equity firms to protect their investments and create scalable patient acquisition strategies for their multi-location surgical practices.

How Can We Help Your Private Equity Firm

As a full-service marketing agency that focuses exclusively on the multi-location surgical space, we know exactly what works to attract and retain patients for your portfolio practices. This ensures that you have a proven game plan to scale and open new locations locally, regionally, or nationally. We provide white-glove, scalable medical marketing services so you can focus on operations, personnel and finances while we work alongside the practices to generate new patient appointments.

Don’t miss out on numbers like these!

252 Orthopedic Urgent Care Self Appointments in 1 Month

We developed a medical PPC ads strategy for Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinic’s three orthopedic urgent care facilities to drive new patient appointments. As a result of the campaigns, we are averaging 750+ phone calls and 250+ self-appointments and growing for around $2.68 per conversion.

Medical SEO

Medical SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of enhancing a website’s visibility in search engine results (Google, Bing, etc.). Our medical SEO team specializes in implementing localized search techniques on multi-location practice websites to ensure they rank at the top of local searches for their treatments and conditions. We have a team of in-house content writers that create high-ranking treatment content as part of our monthly SEO process.

Generate More Patients for Your Portfolio Practices

Medical Advertising

One of the most effective ways to book new patient appointments is through medical advertising. While organic search rankings can take time to develop, paid adverts appear at the top of search results; and can be tailored to individual users based on their search terms and geographic location almost immediately. You may expand your reach through programmatic display, remarketing, social ads, and more with the help of our digital advertising team.

Medical Website Design

A practice’s website is the center point for all digital healthcare marketing initiatives. That is why it is critical to have a site that delivers what patients are looking for and is easy to navigate. As an award-winning medical website design agency, we build best-in-class custom websites for mid-to-large size groups across the US.

Social Media and Video Marketing

Intrepy offers white-glove organic healthcare social media services that cover everything end to end from graphics creation to posting and engagement across all major social media platforms. We combine this with our CaptureMD video content creation tool that allows practices to easily get their physicians to create videos and collect new patient testimonials for marketing.

Protect your healthcare investments

Work with an Agency Partner Who Focuses 100% on Growing Medical Practices

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing 100% focuses and specializes in attracting and retaining patients for growing multi-location specialty groups. It is all we do here at Intrepy which means we are experts at it. All the services and strategies we offer are centered around just that. That means when your private equity group partners with us for your portfolio of practices you are getting someone that truly understands how to generate more patients.