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Patient Convert Podcast is a healthcare marketing podcast that delivers industry-leading insights, interviews, and the latest medical marketing strategies to help providers and healthcare organizations stay ahead in growing their practice. Lead by Intrepy’s co-founders, Kelley Knott and Justin Knott, the podcast talks about everything healthcare marketing including strategies, tactics, and tips to grow your healthcare organization and have fun doing it! We also interview physicians and healthcare executives on what they are doing to grow their organizations.
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Backlink Building: Trash or Treasure for SEO? #182

Why is backlink building a game-changer for SEO in the medical and healthcare industry? In
Podcast_Medical SEOa>

Plastic Surgery Marketing Guide to Reach Local Patients #181

How can an omnichannel advertising approach optimize your marketing campaign's effectiveness? Today, Justin dives into

A Guide to Locum Tenens to Create Work Life Balance and Personal Branding with Andrew Wilner MD #180

How can locums be a game-changer for achieving work-life balance?  Today, Dr. Andrew Wilner joins

Programmatic Ads = Future of Medical Advertising? HOPCo VP of Marketing Daniel Goldberg #179

How has social media marketing landscape evolved for orthopedic practices, and where does HopCo fit

Medical Spa Lead Generation Strategies #178

Are you ready to take your lead generation efforts to the next level and see

Top Healthcare Marketing Trends You Can’t Miss in 2023 #177

What trends and strategies should you be aware of to optimize your organization's digital presence?

Podcast Reviews

Corey Hiben, 09/24/2022

Healthcare Marketing Pros
I’ve been following Kelley & Justin on social media for a long time and finally decided to tap into their podcast show. All I can say is… KNOWLEDGE BOMBS. These two are masters of their craft and love sharing their knowledge with the masses. Highly recommend. -Corey

Austin Copper, 03/24/2021

Awesome podcast overflowing with information for growing your healthcare practice.

If you put even a 10th of these topics into practice you’d be well on your way to running a successful marketing effort.

Great Medical Marketing Advice, 03/11/2021

Expert Healthcare Marketing Advice!
Hands down the best medical marketing advice you can get! True professionals who give real world advice to help you boost your healthcare marketing practice.

A must listen if you want to increase revenue for your medical practice!

ChargingDC, 07/17/2020

Excellent Content
Virtually every episode that I listen to offers me an idea or unique perspective that I can apply to my practice. I started listening a couple of months ago and now always look forward to the next release.

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Justin Knott

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