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Paid digital ads are one of the fastest, targeted and trackable ways to reach the right patient in the right geographical area for your medical practice. Our proven medical PPC and social media advertising strategies will attract more patients to your practice and get you more booked appointments. Check out our process and the digital ad platforms we leverage for medical practices.

Benefits of Medical Advertising

Accelerate your practice growth with hyper-targeted medical advertising to your patients to get the booked

Medical Advertising is when you leverage advertising platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads to buy placements for your treatment or services offerings content to strategically get you in front of your ideal patient. We utilize a blend of various digital advertising platforms based on our expertise and knowledge of which platforms will generate the highest results for the lowest cost per acquisition.

Geofencing & Location-Based Ads
Programmatic Ads
Display Ads
Retargeting Ads

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End-to-End Tracking & Clarity on Your Medical Advertising Program

Stop wasting your ad dollars on online medical advertising that you are not sure is even working

Have you worked with a medical advertising agency before and you have no idea if they were effective or not? Not sure if the ads even brought in leads? Have you delayed starting a digital ad campaign for your medical practice because you are not sure how to track it? Well, we can help. We have developed end-to-end medical advertising funnels complete with tracking so you know what is working and where we can improve so you can focus on providing care to all those new patients.
Call Tracking
Form Tracking
A/B Testing
Don’t miss out on numbers like these!

252 Orthopedic Urgent Care Self Appointments in 1 Month

We developed a medical PPC ads strategy for Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinic’s three orthopedic urgent care facilities to drive new patient appointments. As a result of the campaigns, we are averaging 750+ phone calls and 250+ self-appointments and growing for around $2.68 per conversion.

Medical Practice Advertising Services

Medical PPC

Medical PPC or paid search for medical practices is one of the most common and widely used forms of paid advertising for medical practices. That is because we know there is already a high level of interest in a patient booking because they are actively searching for an answer or solution to their health-related issue. We get you in front of them at the top of search results by leveraging this medical advertising solution.

Social Media Ads for Medical Practices

Social media ads encompass several different medical advertising platforms including Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Youtube, and LinkedIn. We leverage all of these platforms for varying practices depending on the types of specialty, patient demographics, or offerings we are marketing. This gives us the ability to improve the overall campaign performance and reach the right patients for your specific specialty type. We even create all those fancy ad graphics for you so you do not have to worry about a thing.

Generate new patient leads with Medical Advertising

Geofencing Ads for Medical Practices

Geofencing Ads are advertisements to patients that leverage a virtual boundary around a specific geographical area or location to target those patients. For instance, targeting a specific patient type or profile within a 5-mile radius of your practice for a particular treatment or condition you provide. This a very powerful way to ensure we are reaching patients in your direct or specific location areas.

Retargeting Ads for Medical Practices

Retargeting ads give us the ability to retarget or show ads to patients that have already engaged with you before. This is often one of the cheapest costs per conversion because they are already familiar with your brand. An example of this would be a potential patient who comes to your website to learn more about your back pain treatments and we serve them with a social media ad on their Facebook with a piece of content about how you specialize in treating back pain to get them to book a consultation.

You Have a Dedicated Medical Advertising Agency

Each of our partners gets a dedicated account manager and a team of medical advertising specialists behind them that support the development, implementation, optimization, and success of their medical practice advertising program. You will meet with your account manager on a monthly basis to keep close contact with the growth of your practice. On top of that, you have 24/7 access to your marketing growth dashboard to see your analytics in real-time. For you, this means that you’ll have a team on your side to make sure everything is running smoothly, getting things done, and helping your practice grow.

“Intrepy has done an outstanding job with Nore Women’s Health! In less than a year, Intrepy has help to propel our website to the top of search engines. Very responsive and knowledgeable team. I highly recommend them if you are looking to grow your medical practice.”

Jennifer Hardimon

Nore Women’s Health