Video Marketing for Doctors Tool

CaptureMD is the first video marketing for doctors tool designed to help physicians easily create video content and collect patient video testimonials. Video is the key to growing social media engagement and generating leads through advertising. Don’t overcomplicate or overpay for video marketing for doctors again.

Video Marketing for Doctors Clients

The Simple Video Marketing for Doctors Tool All At Your Fingertips

Improve your medical practice locations search rankings by unifying the business listings

Your physician practice location listings or citations play a pivotal role in ranking highly in local search rankings. We help verify, claim, unify, and maintain the major listings platforms for each of your brick and mortar medical practice locations.

Video Marketing for Doctors

Create up to 90-second videos on topics that patients are more than ever interested in learning from specialists just like you, directly. Simple as opening your phone or sitting down in front of your computer. No expensive setup or bringing a film crew to your practice. Record, review & submit. It’s that easy.

Create Story Videos

Capture your brand stories with CaptureMD and enhance your video marketing. We take 3 video clips and create one professionally produced video all under one roof!

Elevate Your Practice Videos With an Animated Logo & Branding Call-to-Action Graphics!

The major difference between good and bad video is often times the things you pay a video editor for. To add a nice animated logo, adjust audio levels and add a call-to-action at the end of the video on what you want your patients to do. Our tool handles all of that automatically each time you wrap a video.

What is Social media without Video Marketing for Doctors? We Get It.

CaptureMD video marketing for doctors tool was designed by the founders of Intrepy Healthcare Marketing because they got it. They saw the importance of having providers involved in video creation but understood they are the busiest people on the planet. So they set out to solve a problem by creating the easiest video marketing for doctors tool EVER.

Improve your healthcare video marketing with CaptureMD