Medical SEO

Last year, nearly 80% of all patients turned online to search for medical information and practices. It is critical that you are ranking highly for your core services and keywords over your competitors. That is where medical SEO services, better known as a medical search engine optimization strategy, comes into play.

Benefits of medical SEO services

What would it do for your medical practice to rank #1 for your main treatments and procedures?

How would it grow your practice and increase your monthly treatments or procedures to rank #1 for your most critical keywords? Imagine if a potential patient could type in “hand surgeon near me” in your city and find your practice on in the first search result. It would have a massive impact on your bottom line.

Increase website traffic
Higher Keyword Rankings
Gain new patients organically
Increase monthly appointments
Grow thought leadership
Stop relying on paid ads
Generate new reviews
Track and optimize monthly

Start Attracting More Patients Now

What is Medical SEO?

Medical SEO involves the process of improving your website’s rankings in search engines for targeted keywords and search queries “organically”.

Medical SEO is short for search engine optimization. Medical SEO involves the process of improving your medical website’s rankings in search engines for targeted keywords and search queries “organically” (without paying for ads). In other words, SEO for medical practices means putting together an SEO strategy that makes your medical website and its pages show up high in search engine rankings for keywords that potential patients are searching for – which will generate user traffic without paying for ads.

Every time a desktop or mobile search occurs on a search engine such as Google, the search engine uses algorithms that decide which pieces of content to show first based on what keywords were typed into the search box. Medical SEO today takes into account not only keywords, but online reviews, content quality, listings, backlinks, and more.

As search algorithms have become smarter and medical website SEO competition increases it is critical to have a comprehensive medical SEO strategy.

Don’t miss out on numbers like these!

96% Growth in less than three months.

We deliver marketing growth strategies to our partner organizations that are developed by our team of medical marketing experts. Intrepy’s unique blend of digital and referral growth programs allows us to evolve the way patients are connecting to providers. We practice what we preach by delivering thought leadership content to our engaged network of healthcare marketers and providers with the goal of advancing our industry.

Medical SEO services that increase rankings

Step One

Medical Website SEO Audit

SEO in the orthopedic specialty is more unique than almost any other industry. Why? Because there are so many unique layers and considerations. Multiple locations, multiple subspecialties, multiple physicians, and on and on. And each surgeon wants to be represented well in local search for their core subspecialty (hello “hand surgeon near me”). How do you grow a website that ranks well for top conditions and treatments around each individual location (and urgent care) while factoring in the surgeon page rankings for their subspecialties? With years of experience and a proven track record. We know because we do it day in and day out for large orthopedic groups just like yours. Book a call and we can show you…

Overall Website Health Score
Site Security Report
On Page SEO Structures
Page Content Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Broken Internal Linking
Page Speed Score

Step Two

Medical Website SEO

On-page medical website SEO, user experience, and the website design are critical elements to effective search engine optimization. Your medical website SEO is the foundation or the “hub” that all other SEO initiatives are built on. Without the right medical website SEO structure, all other strategies will struggle to make an impact on your rankings. Our SEO for medical websites start by doing in-depth, page-by-page optimization of your title tags and H tags to ensure they are properly structured and leveraging the correct geographical identifiers to rank you in local search.

Website Page Structure

Page Speed Optimization

Keyword Ranking

Competitor Research

Content Analysis
Bounce Rate Analysis
Title Tags, H Tags, Meta descriptions
Analytics & Keyword Tracking

Step Three

Localized Medical Search Engine Optimization

When you do a locally focused search, such as typing in “mental health services near me,” the top results and the Google My Business “Local 3 Pack” map that are returned are heavily influenced by three things: proximity, relevancy, and reviews.

Local SEO strategies are particularly important to medical practices because most of your business comes from your surrounding area. Without local SEO as part of your overall SEO medical strategy, your practice could be missing out on the most important source of new business – your local patients online.

Optimize Google My Business
Remove Duplicates
Claim Healthcare Directories
Page Content Analysis
Tracking & improving search metrics
Directory listings

Step 4

Content Marketing & Backlink Building

Content is king when it comes to SEO for medical practices. Having relevant, high-quality content on your website not only shows potential and current patients that you “know your stuff” and have expertise in the areas that are important to them, but it also shows Google that you are an authority in your market – which helps you rank higher in search engine results. Regularly posting fresh content to your website in the form of blogs also has the added bonus of giving you information to share on social media – which is one of the best places to reach new patients and should definitely be part of your overall digital marketing plan! Publishing new content to content to your website can also help you rank for new keywords on Google, boost your local SEO rankings if you write about localized topics, and help your website rank higher on search engines and in search results.

Medical content writers
Content distribution strategies
Tracking and analytics
Increase on-page time
Generate new backlinks
Guest blogging

Step Five

Online Review Generation for Local Medical SEO

Reviews are one of the most important ranking factors for local search results. If a potential patient searches for “knee replacement near me,” the map results will show Google My Business pages with reviews that contain the keyword reviews about knee replacements. It’s critical that you get as many good reviews as possible from your happy patients, specifically, reviews that mention particular procedures you’re trying to rank for in search results.

Do you currently get reviews from each patient that walks out of your office? Most practices let this valuable source of medical search engine optimization slip through the cracks simply because they don’t have a system in place for physician reputation management. But we’ve got you covered.

Review Requests via Text or Email
Branded Email Templates
Review Monitoring & Response Management
Negative Review Dispute Resolution

Start Attracting More Patients Now

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical SEO

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How long does Medical Search Engine Optimization take to work?

Effective medical SEO is really a never-ending optimization strategy. You do not want to “turn off” your SEO because eventually, the rankings you have worked so hard to achieve can dwindle over time with new Google algorithm updates and other factors. As what people search for changes, and HOW they search changes, your SEO and digital marketing strategies need to change to keep up.

We hear so many of our new clients say they expect to wait six months or even a year to see results from their SEO work, but that’s not true! We’ve seen countless clients experience rapid results – in as little as 30 days – if we find and address glaring “big wins” during our complimentary SEO audit. Results like jumping several places in Google search results, seeing a strong increase in website traffic, having loads of new people calling their phone number, and more – all because of finally putting into place a professional SEO plan that’s backed by research and consistently monitored and improved!

We tell our clients that SEO, in general, takes 3-6 months to start seeing the full impact of all our work. Once that happens, then the game switches to maintenance and improvement. A little patience goes a long way when it comes to SEO, and the benefits to your practice are well worth the wait!

How long have we been doing SEO for Medical Practices?

Our team has over 15 years of combined SEO experience specifically for healthcare practices. Our agency was founded back in early 2014 exclusively in the medical and dental space.

Therefore, since day one our agency has worked with numerous healthcare organizations in nearly every niche and specialty helping them grow their search engine optimization.

How long does Medical SEO take to work?

If we find some quick “big wins” during the complimentary SEO audit and address them, it’s possible to see results in as little as 30 days! But in general, it takes 3 to six months to see your search engine ranking rise on Google.

How important is my website to medical SEO?

Very important! Your website is the “hub” of everything else we do to raise your rankings in the search engines. Some things we’ll make sure your website has to impress Google’s search algorithm include fast loading speed, SEO content, the right amount of content on every page, a phone number on every page, a contact us page that also includes the right phone number, the proper headers and meta tags on every page, and more. Not only do all of these things help you rank higher on Google, but they’ll also make sure your website provides a great user experience to visitors.

Does new content really matter in SEO for medical websites?

Regularly posting fresh content to your website in the form of a blog is a huge part of making sure your site ranks highly on Google. The way blog content works with SEO for medical websites is two-fold. For one, showing Google that you take an active approach to your website (rather than creating your website and then letting it sit there stale for months on end) means that the content on your site is up to date and likely to be more relevant to users. And Google only wants to show relevant content to its users. Second, for every blog you post, you add additional keywords to your website, helping you rank higher for current and new keywords. In fact, one of the best ways to rank for a new procedure is to add a page to your site about it and then start writing blogs about it, too.

Should I be concerned with ranking on search engines other than Google?

Though some people still use search engines like Yahoo and Bing, Google is the “big boss” when it comes to searches. Our SEO strategies will help you rank higher on all the search engines, but we focus primarily on Google because that’s where the vast majority of internet searches are conducted.

I don't have time to write content for medical website SEO. Can you do that, too?

Absolutely! Our medical copywriters have vast experience in writing for medical practices AND writing SEO copy that ranks in Google search results. We understand that writing website content is time-consuming (and can seem intimidating) to your office staff, so we’re happy to provide expertly crafted medical SEO copy for your website.

What makes SEO medical marketing from regular marketing?

Marketing medical procedures require a special touch that we’ve seen general marketing agencies miss the mark more times than we’d like to admit. With medical marketing, extra care must be taken to comply with HIPAA regulations, including using very specific language that keeps your practice safe from lawsuits and penalties. This all applies to medical SEO as well as medical content marketing.

So I really need a medical SEO company? My practice is doing pretty well already.

First, congratulations! We love to see physicians succeeding instead of stressing about getting new patients. Even if your practice is doing well, investing in medical search engine optimization is always a good idea as insurance against “what ifs.” What if a practice that offers exactly what you offer opens down the street? What if you decide you want to retire in a few years and sell your practice – how will you get top dollar for all you’ve built? How will your business keep growing if your competition is doing SEO marketing and you’re not? SEO helps you stay ahead of the curve against scenarios that could negatively impact your business.

A Dedicated Medical SEO Company and Team

Each of our partners, no matter how big or small, gets a dedicated account manager and a team of medical SEO specialists behind them that support the development, implementation, tracking, and optimizing of their medical SEO process each step of the way. Your team will consist of a content manager, a website developer, an SEO specialist, and a project manager who all work together will you to ensure the success of the medical search engine optimization plan for your healthcare organization. For you, this means that you’ll have a team on your side to make sure everything is running smoothly, delivering results, and helping your medical website SEO grow.

“What drew me towards them was the experience they had, the base of understanding, and base of medical knowledge. Our growth as a practice has been significant, particularly in the last two to three years…because or their focus on SEO optimization and making sure that we really stand out not only in our local community.”

Edward Espinosa DO

Buckhead Medicine